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The Scrumping Project is Launched !

The Orchard Group are proud to announce that the Scrumping project is launched !

The Group will be collecting cider apples from various orchards in South Gloucestershire in mid-October and pressing the apples at Grimsbury Farm on Sunday 18th October. We intend to make a artisan/craft cider utilizing traditional practices and using only apples that would otherwise go to waste, i.e. from unused and forgotten orchards. We are able to do this thanks to a grant from South Gloucestershire Council and with the help of the Friends of Grimsbury farm, who are kindly letting us use their press.

None of us have ever made cider before so we are a little nervous, but we are getting lots of advice, reading lots of books on the subject — and Tim has kindly put himself forward as chief cider researcher. This means he will be tasting as many brands as possible over the next few months (The sacrifices that guy makes for our cause!) If all goes well, we will be expanding the project to the local community for next year. I will be constantly posting updates of our progress, with lots of pictures, so please keep checking our blog!

Cheers for now,


Apple collecting, autumn sunlight

Apple collecting, autumn sunlight