Thatchers Cider Apple Day

Some images from the apple day

Some images from the apple day

It’s been a busy few months for me in the photo, film and cider/apple juice making world. I know it’s a strange combination, but during late summer/ autumn, my job and my favorite hobby become inextricably linked. One of my favorite clients is Thatchers Cider and at this time of year, they keep me very busy documenting the harvesting season.

As they weren’t running an open day I suggested they do an Apple juice making Day. I’ve helped run a few in the past and I know how much people love these events. Surprisingly Thatchers went for the idea and I quickly became chief organizer, equipment supplier (believe it or not I was the man with the apple press), photographer and filmmaker.

I do love a challenge though and the chance to photograph families enjoying the orchards was too good an opportunity to miss out on.

Thatchers had just finished their new Meeting rooms, the Thicket Building, a stunning thatch cottage next to a small pond and surrounded by 0rchards and they suggested holding the event there. As part of the Made in Somerset food festival 20 families attended the event, Mariet Paul and Richard from Thatchers were wonderful hosts and were on hand to impart their vast knowledge of cider making.

I arrived at 8pm with my basket apple press and the milling machine, which I put my daughter katy in charge off and spent a wonderful morning filming and photographing the families going through the process of apple juice making.

I’m a better photographer than writer so I’ll let the pictures and film do the talking,

The Day finished around 12pm ish and  I then spent a couple of hours pastuerizing the left over juice which I was able to to sale at the Wrington apple day to raise funds for our project.

The day for me wasn’t finished as i had a 3 hour shoot photographing Port Marine for a housing company.

It was a tiring day, but I love my hobbies, one became a full time job but as I generally manage every year to make pretty awful cider nobody will be offering me any money soon to make cider !


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