Barreling the 2012 vintage !!!

Spent a couple of hours down at Willsbridge Mill this afternoon checking on the progress of the cider. Of the four remaining tubs, 2 are still bubbling away and almost ready, one as I suspected has more or less turned to cider vinegar (air must of got into the tub spoiling it). One has finished fermenting and I must confess is a rather perky little number !. Nice, though subtle flavour, no off notes and tiny bit of sweetness and sparkle dancing on the tongue. This hopefully means that during the spring and summer it should develop into a rather good cider.. I’m really chuffed about this as early signs weren’t looking good. Will hopefully have some for people to try at the Willsbridge Mill Spring Fair.

Below is a pic of an old grubbed up Orchard in Somerset . It was a rather unsettling image on a cold and misty febuary morning. Though rest assured the Orchard is soon to be replanted and expanded.


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