Picking and pressing day slideshow

Finally got the images up for the Scrumping project’s picking and pressing days this autumn. It was a really lovely couple of days, as usual I met some lovely people, had a great laugh and sampled some really lovely apple juice and cider(interesting, mainly mine !).

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Also on you tube with music
or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m-U-0obLpQ

I’m still pressing for apple juice and cider will be down at Willsbridge mill this sunday afternoon, with the scrumping project press if any one fancies popping down to say hello.

Here is a cider song for you all.

A Cider Song

To J.S.M.

The wine they drink in Paradise
They make in Haute Lorraine;
God brought it burning from the sod
To be a sign and signal rod
That they that drink the blood of God
Shall never thirst again.

The wine they praise in Paradise
They make in Ponterey,
The purple wine of Paradise,
But we have better at the price;
It’s wine they praise in Paradise,
It’s cider that they pray.

The wine they want in Paradise
They find in Plodder’s End,
The apple wine of Herford,
Of Hafod Hill and Herford,
Where woods went down to Herford,
And there I had a friend.

The soft feet of the blessed go
In the soft western vales,
The road of the silent saints accord,
The road from heaven to Herford,
Where the apple wood of Herford
Goes all the way to Wales.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton


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