Sweetening “Forgotten Fruit” Cider and charred plums.

Apple Juice, honest !!

Apple Juice, honest !!

I spent a lovely couple of hours with artisan apple Juice/cider maker Keith Goverd on thursday afternoon at his Compton Dando farm. Keith very kindly offered to sweeten half of the dry cider. I’m trying to get away from using saccharin to sweeten the cider as I’m trying to make as pure and chemical free cider as possible. We settled on sweetening it with Dabinet apple juice from is own extensive supply. This meant spending a pleasurable 20 mins or so gradually adding the juice and tasting it until we felt the cider was just right (on the right side of lady cider as keith put it, with a cheeky smile).

Adding apple juice meant having to pasteurize the cider which we did in large industrial sized vat. The cider has now been bagged up (bag in a box) and will be ready to taste at the pressing day on the 17th Oct.

One other thing, while there Keith showed me a trio of apples from a large batch that he was pressing for juice. These small apples were almost black, looking a little like charred plums. They are so rare that they haven’t really got a name and are currently only a number. I think they were developed at famous Long Ashton apple research station. He then let me try the juice which was delicious and a deep purple in colour. I bought a bottle off him and I’ve posted a picture of the juice below to show you the colour. Stupidly I forgot to take a piccy of the apples (that’s why I’ll never be a rich photographer !)

If you are interested and in the area Keith attends the Bath Farmers Market at Green Park Station every saturday and will be selling the juice along with a collection of his other juices and ciders.


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