Getting the right blend

Hi all,

Plans are still progressing well for the picking day on the 9th Oct at the Oldbury on Severn orchard if anybody wants to add their name to the list of scrumpers

For this second year of picking were are attempting to blend the apples to try and achieve the best tasting cider we can. Getting the best blend of cider apples is the key to great tasting cider.

Now, I’m reliable told that some of the best cider is made with a mixture of Bittersweet and bitter sharp apples. We know that the Oldbury Orchard has 3 varieties which are bittersweet, Bulmers Norman, Tremletts Bitter and White Close Pippin and one variety of Bittersharp, Lambrook Pippin. This is obviously alittle heavy of the Bittersweets.

So on saturday I visited a couple of orchards in the South Glos looking for extra Bittersharps, to balance our blend. I called into Jean Grudging’s orchard in Titherington which has around 30 trees, all of which Jean has lovingly mapped and identified. She has some wonderful trees including the king of cider apple trees ‘Kingston Black’. We also identified the simply called ‘Browns’ and ‘Taylors’ which can be used to make either great cider or Juice. I will pick these before our pressing day which should mean we have a wonderful Blend.

Kingston Black, the king of cider apples.

Kingston Black, the King of cider apples.

Taylors, ripening nicely in South Glocestershire

Taylors, ripening nicely in South Glocestershire


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