2010 Scrumping Project is Launched !

9th October 2010

The Scrumping Project picking day 9th October 2010

We well be holding an apple picking morning at the old ‘Magnox Oldbury’ Orchard, South Gloucestershire, collecting unused and forgotten apples on the 9th October 2010, to make pure South Gloucestershire cider and apple Juice. The apples will be pressed on the 17th October at Grimsbury Community Farm, Warmley. Numbers will be limited to around 20 for this event.

Scrumping Project Apple Pressing Day

The Juice will flow....

On Sunday 17th October as part of the Grimsbury Farm Apple Day we will be holding the 2nd Scrumping Project apple pressing event. This year we hope to press for both apple juice as well as cider so hopefully you will be able to take home your own bottle of pure and fresh apple juice. We hope to have 3 presses in action including the farms own giant wooden press. We will be encouraging visitors to bring along their own scrumped apples whether from their own back gardens or village fruit trees (with permission of course) . We will also be displaying an exhibition of photography from this and last years event plus there will be an opportunity to taste the 2009 Cider. Fun for all including, juicing demonstrations, storytelling, Poetry, music, ‘a history of cider making’ exhibition, farm animals, apple pie, jam making (and eating), as well as other refreshments.

Please let me know if you are interested in getting involved in the project, intend to bring your own apples along (it will be great to know where you are bringing them from) or just want to comment on the blog.

Best Wishes



One response to “2010 Scrumping Project is Launched !

  1. John Morse-Brown

    Hi Neil. I’ve just built a cider press and am wondering where to get cider apples from. Would there be any chance I could join your ‘scrump’ but for the purposes of pressing my own fruit later?


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