winterbourne Medieval Barn

winterbourne Medieval Barn

I’ve had a busy couple of days getting ready for my Audio Visual ‘Orchard Eye’ exhibition at Winterbourne Medieval barn and making final plans for The Scrumping Project Weekend. Firstly I spent yesterday afternoon with Mark (just realized I don’t know his second name) who is composing a piece of music to play along with my Orchard slide show. He is a brilliant Guitarist’s and I took my guitar along hoping to play along. This idea came to an abrupt end as while tuning my guitar I broke a string. Ahem, probably just as well as Mark sounded great on his own. We hope to finish the piece on Friday in time for sunday’s Exhibition. I’ll post it on my main website soon.

I next met Peter Davies from the Friends of Grimsbury Farm to discuss our apple Pressing day. All is now in place for sunday the 18th Oct. The press is looking fantastic, we have lots of volunteers, we  just need to make sure that we are able to pick enough apples!

Today I visited the Winterbourne Medieval Barn to check out the logistics for for Audio Visual Show. It’s a fantastic Building, built in ‘1342’  and with it’s stunning roof structure remaining largely intact it’s a pretty inspiring place to show images.


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